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Why volunteer for MUDGIRL?

Above everything, you will experience an exceptional and unforgettable day! You will get to live the event from the inside out and be apart of the MUDGIRL team. You will deserve all these benefits after waking up early on a weekend and after smiling all day:

  • A MUDGIRL shirt
  • A runner kit that includes a race bag, a headband, a bracelet, a reusable water bottle and a tattoo.
  • A full meal
  • The opportunity to run the volunteer run for free at the end of the day and receive a MUDGIRL medal!
  • A free future MUDGIRL race with photos
  • 40% reduction at the MUDGIRL shop

As of what age can I become a volunteer?

  • Volunteers between 7 and 14 years old are encouraged to participate. For safety reasons, these courageous volunteers are obligated to be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire day.
  • Volunteers between 14 and 18 years old must have an authorization letter signed by a parent or a legal guardian. However, this adult is not obligated to be present the entire day.

I am a man, can I become a MUDGIRL volunteer?

Gentlemen, don’t think you can free yourself from your wives, girlfriends, or friends all day so easily! OF COURSE you can join them and encourage them while participating as a volunteer. It's also a great way to support an important cause: Fight against Breast Cancer. Also, as a MUDGIRL volunteer, you will have the chance to run in the volunteer run at the end of the day!

I want to participate as a runner but become a volunteer the rest of the day, is this possible?

Wow! A real MUDGIRL filled day from start to finish! You’re full of energy!! Yes that is possible, still there are some rules to follow.

  • You will not be able to obtain your free race on the same day you volunteer. If you want to participant in a wave during the day, you will have to buy your ticket like any other runner. You will still be able to obtain your free race for another one of our events (for a different date).
  • It is MANDATORY to participate in either the first wave of the day (and volunteer after you run), or during the last wave of the day (to volunteer before your race).
  • You will also have to arrive on the event site at the same time as all the other volunteers (early morning) to receive your instructions for the day, the MUDGIRL kit and your meal.
  • You will have to warn us in advance, so that we can organize ourselves accordingly.

Can I become a volunteer and participate in the run?

YES! At the end of your volunteering day (around 3:30pm), we reserve a special wave for all our volunteers who wish to run. You’re lucky: no waiting at obstacles, plenty of mud, the MUDGIRL course is entirely yours! This is your well deserved reward for this tenacious day of efforts! You are even allowed to go down the big slide twice ... but shh that stays between us!

How can I use my free future race?

Your volunteer day automatically gives you a free pass to run the volunteer race at the end of the day (starting time will be given during the day but is usually around 3:30 pm) but that's not all! You will also receive a coupon code to obtain a free ticket for a future MUDGIRL run. The code will be given to you at the end of the day in exchange of your volunteer bib. You can use the code to obtain a future free race for yourself or offer it to the person of your choice. Please know that to obtain this coupon code, you will have to volunteer for the entire day.

What is the volunteering schedule at MUDGIRL?

All of the MUDGIRL volunteers must arrive at 7:15am (at the latest) to receive the instructions necessary for their day of volunteering. The day usually ends around 3:00pm depending on the race time of the last participants.

What will I be doing during my volunteer day?

MUDGIRL offers a variety of positions where volunteers can enjoy and spend a wonderful day. EVERYBODY is welcome to volunteer: no training or diploma is required. This day will bring you as much happiness as you will give to the participants! Positions are assigned on the morning of the run in function of the needs and number of volunteers present. Not to worry, we give special attention to those who come in groups. We do our best to keep them together as much as possible, and will never force a volunteer to be in a position they don’t want to be in.

Do I have to be present for my entire volunteering shift?

Yes, in the hopes of providing a safe run for all the participants, we ask all volunteers to stay from the beginning of the day (7:15am) up until the end (around 3:00pm). Please make sure to only commit to a shift that you are able to complete, if you have any special constraints, don’t hesitate to contact us at: volunteers@sport-era.com. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions!

Can I request to have the same role as the person(s) with whom I am coming to volunteer?

Role assignments will be given out on the morning of the run. Yet, we pay close attention to volunteers who come in groups to make sure they are placed close to each other. We also never force a volunteer to be in a position in which they do not desire to be in. We want to make sure you have the best day ever! So don’t wait too long, reach out to all your contacts in your phone, all your facebook friends or instagram followers and come spend an unforgettable day!

How to register as a volunteer?

You simply have to use our registration platform by clicking the following link. You will then receive a confirmation around 2 months before the event with all the important and necessary information. Our volunteer coordinator will be in contact with you until the day of the event.

My 2020 free registration code doesn’t work

If you earned a free race in 2020 and didn’t use your code to register, please contact us and send your full name and 2020 code to info@sport-era.com. We will reply with an updated code for a free 2021 race. Thanks again for your commitment!



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