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Meet our Mudgirl Ambassador : Tina

Time and hope is a long road for most of us! I have made it my life goal to help as many people as I can who deal with body image issues and self-doubt. That why I joined MUDGIRL, in the short time that I have joined, I have been inspired and motivated by these strong women !

A little information about me is I have been bulled for most of my adolescent life by family and school mates, really hated myself and my body. It took me until my college years to really come out of my shell and learn to trust people and make friends. But even then, had a hard time, had a lot of self-doubt and depression. I eventually got married and a year into my marriage had my baby girl!! The moment I saw her face everything changed.

I wanted to make sure she will have self-confidence and love her body no matter what shape or form. The new quote I live by “Love your body so your daughter loves hers”. I change jobs to work at an Eating Recovery Center to help adults and adolescents with their body image, health, and minds. I also started working on my own health and started to seek therapy, the best advice my therapist gave me was to work out and to find a group of people with same common core values.

So that’s what I did, started doing fun runs. And that’s the path that lead me MUDGIRL !

Once again that’s were MUDGIRL comes into play… Not only as a self-motivator to be healthier and get my body moving but also to realize I’m not alone in the world and read other stories and how the overcome their own obstacles. This is my first time running and it defiantly won’t be my last, when my daughter gets to the right age, I want to run with her.

I just want to shout out and thank you everyone from runners, to volunteers, and ambassadors ! You are all inspiring woman that has made a difference.

- Tina

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