What is MUDGIRL?

MUDGIRL is a less than 5km race, including 17+ obstacles to overcome.
Whether alone or with a team, this course is committed to test cohesion, endurance and the good spirit of each participant.
No time limits. No obligation to go through every obstacle. You are here to have fun while creating a unique experience, no matter your level of training or athletic capability.

Is MUDGIRL open to everyone?

Yes, every woman from ages 7 to 78 (record to beat!) is welcome to participate in MUDGIRL.
The short distance makes the race achievable to all levels of runners.
You’re absolutely not compelled to run, as long as you’re enjoying the moment it doesn’t matter whether you walk, jog, or take little or many breaks.

I’m not such a runner, can I still participate?

This run is an introduction to obstacle races and its main objective is to combine physical effort and fun.
Therefore, it is very common for our participants to not be athletes but nonetheless they all come with the same mission, to have fun! We promise you’ll love your experience with MUDGIRL.

Can I participate in the run as a volunteer?

Yes, we are always looking for resourceful, sympathetic and dynamic people to enable the success of this unique race.
No matter if you’re a man or a woman, as long as you’re motivated and committed to helping, you will be the perfect volunteer.
Each volunteer will receive a shirt, one free ticket for a next future MUDGIRL race, goodies, and above all a lot of love from our staff! For those who are up for the challenge, they will be able to participate in the final race at the end of the day, along with all the other volunteers. Be sure to sign up as a volunteer ASAP as our slots get filled up quickly.

Can men participate?

The concept of the MUDGIRL race is that it is 100% dedicated to women.
The purpose of this run is to promote women empowerment. The goal is to make women feel more comfortable while facing a challenge without fearing judgment Of course, men relatives and close friends are more than welcomed to support the cause by participating in the fundraising as a spectator. They will do so by paying an entrance fee of $10 and 50% of it will go directly to a program that fights against breast cancer. Kids and women (16 years old or younger) do not have to pay to be a spectator.

Please refer to your event registration page this fee could change depends on venue requirements.

Why take part in this run?

There’s no greater feeling than surpassing yourself, sweat, and feel sore for an important cause: the fight against breast cancer.
It’s time to try something new, go crazy and join the #Pinkarmy! After all, a bit of mud has never harmed anyone.
It’s the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and close one’s while creating an unbreakable bond with your girl squad who is running in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Is it neccessary to know how to swim?

Some obstacles may have some water component but most are only with mud, if you don’t feel comfortable you can bypass any obstacle at any moment.

Where I can find all the pictures?

The week following your event, the album will be uploaded on our photographer’s website: Epic Action Imagery.
Please allow at least 3 days after the event to have them all uploaded online.


What is the minimum age to participate?

The minimum age is 7 years old for safety purposes. Kids between 7 and 13 years old must be accompanied all along the race.

Can I buy a ticket on-site, on the day of the event?

Yes, however the prices will be higher than online and we cannot guarantee tickets availability.

Can I change my wave departure?

Please try to respect your wave time as much as possible, however they are not restrictive. This is simply for safety reasons and to avoid overcrowding.

I registered but I can't make the race anymore, what are my options?

Kindly note that the ticket is non-refundable.
Fear not, you can transfer your ticket to someone else who wishes to participate in the great cause.
Please have in hand the following information before requesting a transfer:
Name, email address and order number of the original attendee. A $15 transfer fee will be requested to finalize the process online before the race and a $20 fee will be requested if you choose to transfer on-site on the day of the event. The extra transferring fee is charged to cover the ticketing system operation fee and the compulsory runner insurance fee applied on the new ticket. LINK: Name transfer platform The new attendee must present the original ticket along with the transfer confirmation to register on the day of the race.

I can’t find my ticket anymore, how can I retrieve it?

Our ticketing system advisors will be more than happy to send it to you at:
Please provide them your full name along with your email address used to register.

How can I register with my team?

All you have to do is register under the same team name.
Rest assured, whether you do the race individually or with your girl squad you will never fall in the mud alone! If you plan to be more than 20 in your group, send us an email at info@sport-era.com, we have a little surprise for you!

What is included in my registration?

You will become part of the #PinkArmy so we won’t let you go face first in the mud and through the obstacles empty handed!

You will receive: tattoos, headband, a bracelet, a race bag, a reusable water bottle, access to the water station, photos from a professional photographer, and most importantly a medal for your effort!

Where and when can I pick up my race kit?

You’ll get your race kit right after your onsite check-in on the day of the event.


What are the steps to take before departure?

We recommend that you arrive at least one hour before your wave time.

Below are all the steps to follow:
> Park your car in the MUDGIRL parking lot ($)
> Direct yourself to the registration area to validate your ticket. You must show your ID and ticket to register
> Pick up your race kit
> Drop off your bags in our secured area « Bag drop tent » if necessary (cash only)
> Have a look around, visit the MUDGIRL village and its booths
> Go to the starting line to join the #Pinkarmy and throw yourself into the MUDGIRL experience!

How should I dress to participate in MUDGIRL?

First of all, check the weather… you won’t enjoy running in shorts and a tank top under heavy rain or cooler weather! Dress accordingly to the weather and to your personal liking, but keep in mind that you will be covered in mud. What to bring:
> Running shoes that you aren’t afraid to dirty
> Short and t-shirt you don’t mind throwing away after the race
> A change of clothes for after the race
> Your biggest motivation and smile Images speak louder than words: this video will help you pick your outfit for the day of the event.

Is there a parking fee?

Yes, the parking fee is relative to the venue. Please know it will always be cash and we will announce you the fee directly prior to the event.

What do I earn by finishing the race?

Each participant will receive a MUDGIRL medal after having completed the run and most importantly priceless memories of such a gratifying day! You might also get some sore muscles the following day, that means you gave everything so congratulations!

Should I bring cash ($)?

Yes, you will need it to park, to store your bag at our bag drop and to eat in the village.
There will be no ATM on site.
You’ll be able to pay by debit/credit card at the official MUDGIRL shop only, so ladies and gentleman, you have no excuse to not wear our pink tutu’s!

Will there be a medical team on site?

A medical team will be present on-site the day of the race for all minor injuries.
In the case of a severe injury, we will call an ambulance.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We reserve the right to cancel the race only in the case where its access and your security would be compromised by extreme weather. A little rain has never hurt anyone, in fact you will be able to enjoy more mud!

Is the race timed?

No, we’re trying to exclude the competition atmosphere from MUDGIRL. No one will prevent you to show all your family you’re the fastest though.

If I cannot cross an obstacle or if I'm afraid, can I still participate?

We offer fun obstacles that are easily accessible to all! However, if you don’t feel comfortable with something, you can skip it and continue the run. We challenge you to come back the following year and overcome the obstacles you skipped!

How long will it take me to do the course?

It is estimated that the course can be completed anywhere between 40 minutes and 2 hours, depending on your pace and your squad talks.

Will I be able to rinse off the mud on-site?

Rinsing stations (water hoses with nozzle) will be at your disposal to quickly get rid of the mud. You will have to wait to be home to enjoy a hot warm bath…
A changing room will also be available.

What type of ID do I have to bring?

Any form of photo ID (ex: driver’s license, health care card, student card). As long as we can verify that the name on the ID matches your profile, you will be good. A photo on your phone of your ID will also suffice.

For minors without photo ID’s, an ID with no photo will be accepted. We just want to make sure that the actual participant is checking-in.


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