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Saturday, August 12th - 03:30pm


Hello Mudgirls from Colorado Springs,

Gary and myself Kevin, founder of the MUDGIRL race are deeply sorry about the situation that happened today in Colorado Springs. This weather situation was totally unusual and completely out of our control unfortunately.

The heavy rain had caused some terrible flooding in some parts of the venue. The medic team was unable to access a large portion of the race because the roads were getting too muddy and unsafe. Our team couldn’t access the course due to flooding a
nd our trucks were getting stuck. Even though the rain stopped, the course was too slippery, flooded, and unsafe.

According to these elements, our Event director and team had no choice but to cancel the race for the day for these unsafe reasons.

We want to tell you that we will never and have never put our participants, our team and our partners in danger. We always put the safety of our participants as our top priority even if we have to cancel and make people frustrated. Our goal and mission is to bring people to run in safe conditions.

We understand your frustration and after discussion with the venue, our race director, our staff and our partners, we have decided to postpone the event to next week, August 19th, at the same venue.

This unusual situation is very difficult for us as organizing a race for 6,000 people required a lot of resources, but we want you to be able to enjoy your race.

The event in Colorado Springs is postponed to Saturday, August 19th 2023.
All tickets are automatically renewed for the new date, same wave time.

If you are not available for next week, you will be able to keep your ticket for next year. We will come back on August 17th 2024 in Colorado Springs.

For any questions please reach us by following
this link and choosing the topic “Colorado Springs 2023 - postponement"
We will contact you during the week.

Please make sure that you understand the situation and let's make the pink army stronger than ever this week !

Kevin and Gary,
Owner of MUDGIRL Run

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